Good friend and AZTECA Fan Mallory McHenry, a.k.a. Poet Without Apology, has created a new spoken word piece for AZTECA!  A few months back, McHenry  read about our project on and became a backer. Within a few weeks of talking about the new series, Poet Without apology was busy at work creating a new spoken word piece to help us promote AZTECA.

We can’t take all the credit for his inspiration, however. His research led him to the news stories and wrenching accounts of violence and bloodshed on the U.S. southern border. 30,000 dead since 2006, and the body count rising. Sur de Suenos, or Southside of Dreams, is as much about AZTECA as it is about the real-life war raging in our own backyard. Listen to this clip of SouthSideofDreams2, and then buy the full version in the AZTECA store.

Southside of Dreams will be published in the Poet’s new book, White Flag Warrior, due out later this year. Read more Poet Without Apology on Facebook!

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