You can’t take back the moment that changes your life forever. A grieving father is driven mad by one of his son’s Christmas toys in ABSOLUTION, a sad and haunting graphic tribute to Poe’s most famous poem, “The Raven.”

ABSOLUTION is written by Jason Ciaramella (2011 Eisner Award nominee for The Cape one-shot from IDW). Glorious art by intrepid comics veteran Enrique Savory, Jr. Color and letters by Poe-tributors Alex Cormack (ELDORADO and the upcoming TELL TALE CAT) and Andre Frattino (AZTECA ink/color and letter man)! Read more about all of the POE TWISTED artists right here

ABSOLUTION is one of the seven stories and eight artworks in The POE TWISTED Anthology, a collection of original comics and art inspired by the Dark Master of American gothic fiction, Edgar Allan Poe. Not Poe…Poe twisted! The digital download is $1.99 in the RSM store and on (soon also to be released on and iVerse.) Pre-order the printed trade paperback right here! Print release: August 21, 2011.

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