Have someone special for dinner with this macabre little comic, THE SYSTEM OF DOCTOR CANNE AND PROFESSOR BULLE, a story set in a free-range asylum where the hospital staff practice the most unorthadox of treatments to best keep the patients…down. The SYSTEM OF DOCTOR CANNE AND PROFESSOR BULLE is a sequel to Poe’s tale of insanity run amok, “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.” The download includes special features you will ONLY get online, including the original short story from author/artist Mark Mullaney on which the comic is based!

Mark is also the artist behind another POE TWISTED tale, ZOMBIE CRUISE (by Marta Tanrikulu).Both stories are available to download for just $1.99/each in the Red Stylo Media store!

See more of Mark’s work on his blog: http://themahk.blogspot.com. Read more about all of the anthology Poe-tributors right here.

THE POE TWISTED ANTHOLOGY is a collection of original comic art isnpired by the Dark Master of American gothic fiction, Edgar Allan Poe. Not Poe…Poe twisted! The anthology is also available for sale in the RSM store.

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