Comics artist and Poe-tributor Ben Frazier will be the new penciler for AZTECA!

Ben Frazier stepped right up to Red Stylo Media’s booth at Heroes Con, introduced himself and politely asked me if I’d review his portfolio. I squinted at him and thought to myself, “Hmmm. He’s really nice. He smiles a lot. I think he just called me ma’am.” All of these things made me doubt that this guy was tough enough to draw a bloody, gutty book like AZTECA. We don’t do feel-good tween titles. (And he did call me ma’am.)

Ha! Vampires, zombies, spikes and glory! Ben’s portfolio made my eyes bug in that, “this guy’s got the job” kind of way. We immediately exchanged info and got him rolling on script for The Poe Twisted Anthology. After completing a stellar story for the collection, The After Party with Kyle Richey, Ben and I spent a month emailing back and forth about what he would bring to AZTECA. From day one he bowled me over with his own ideas and research–and sketches! His enthusiasm for the story was infectious and I’m the one who wrote it.

The upcoming trade release, collecting AZTECA issues #1-#3 will include a special BONUS CHAPTER from our new penciler. Until then, read and see more about Ben right here–or download The After Party right now at

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