Just attending New York Comic Con is an overwhelming experience. Actually working the show? Unreal. Last year, at about NYCC time, AZTECA was an only just-realized dream. We received our Kickstarter funding in August, which kicked our push to print into overdrive, but the official launch of AZTECA: Ciudad Paradiso #1 was not slated until November. NYCC fell smack dab in the month between. I’d had grand dreams of hauling a stack of freshly printed comics with me to the Con, randomly stuffing copies into the hands of bewildered editors and startled strangers, but shipping delays that are kind of to be expected when it comes to international maritime freight (but were not at all expected by this first-time, independent publisher) kept that from happening. Rather than swim out to meet the damn boat somewhere past Greenland, I printed a humble little stack of Issue 1’s on my color printer at home, slapped a big “SAMPLE” sticker on the front cover of each pamphlet (sorry, Jhazmine, for covering your cover!), and then took the train to the big city. Jaw hit the floor as soon as I did (though the Wookies dancing to Billy Jean may also have had something to do with it) and I was overwhelmed as anyone.

We’ve come a long way, babies! More miles to cover before I sleep, sure, but being able to set up at a show like New York after just one year is a big deal for little fish like us. Three issues of AZTECA and a POE TWISTED ANTHOLOGY later, Red Stylo Media represented in the small press section close to Artist Alley at NYCC this year. Very supportive and enthusiastic response from an overwhelming press of people. Media and review opps throughout all 4 days of the show. Most importantly, POE TWISTED and AZTECA made it into the hands of some great new fans–many of whom returned to the table in the later days of the con to pick up a t-shirt or the next issue and talk about what they thought. With SO MUCH to see and do at a show as big and cool as that, it is beyond awesome when people take on the crowd to come back and show the love.

RSM artist Alex Cormack drove in from Boston later in the weekend to see the sights and work the crowd. Writer/editor is just whatever most of the time, so one of our artists in the vicinity was a great opportunity for fans to connect with a creator and get art signed. Scott Ambruson (AZTECA cover artist) was set-up in artist alley with limited edition prints and comics. In addition, we had a funky neighborhood vibe going with our aisle-mates: reunited with Creature Entertainment out of Miami, The Underburbs team, and Steve Roman from Starwarp Concepts. Matt McElroy from DrivethruComics.com stopped by with some comics cheer before jetting off into the great wide open, Grace Bello from Nerve Magazine, Sara Richard as well as Bob and Kim Shaw with Comic Art House made our table possible, and Lys Fulda from Sphynx Group also brought her gorgeous self on over. More friends are to be thanked for making the show great: Gary Su, Sherry Hwang, Damien Lucchese, Joe Sabino, Dennis Calero, Mark McKenna (who has a Kickstarter campaign going on right now!), Charles Kibby, and (check back here later because this list will very, very likely have grown)!

There’s some wonderful NYCC coverage out there that folks should not miss. Jimmy Aquino’s Comic News Insider includes coverage from all the days of the show, and The Next Issue Podcast from Aitch and crew (which includes a POE TWISTED Review!) also has some great play-by-play. Check them out! Continue to check us out! And know this: we’re coming back for you, NYCC. Count on it.

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