Poe-tributor, Sherezada Windham-Kent, was at Sac-Con, Sacramento’s Comic, Toy and Anime Show, on December 11. Read this year’s recap of the show in her words…

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Sacramento, so there was a certain poetry to bringing Poe Twisted to this December’s Sac-Con.

Poe’s poem “Eldorado”– the inspiration for my Poe Twisted tale–was his response to California’s Gold Rush of 1849. Sacramento owes much of what it is today to the people who came chasing stories of quick riches, and the ghosts of those restless days can still felt throughout the city.

Luckily, Sacramento had a happier end than the poor village in Eldorado. California’s state capital now boasts a lively geek scene, with Sac-Con hosting convention events every few months. The Sac-Town locals came out in droves for the last convention of the year, and I’m proud to say Red Stylo Media was there. We met hundreds of friendly con-goers who stopped by to check out AZTECA and Poe Twisted.

Apparently, Sacramento has a strong cosplay community, and at times I felt like I had my own personal parade. I saw scores of awesome get-ups, from an elaborate Star Wars wampa to world’s cutest lil’ Marcus Phoenix from Gears of War.

Though Sac-Con is on the smaller side of the convention spectrum, it still pulled in some big names. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac writer/artist Johnen Vasquez was in the house, as well as Rosearik Rikki Simmons, the voice of GIR from Vasquez’s TV show, Invader Zim. I lost count of how many Zim-related backpacks, shirts, and knit hats we saw drifting around the con. I also met some of the local artists and organizations, from Megamoth Studios to the Bad Apples Junior Roller Derby League (I wish they’d had this when I was a kid!).

Sac-con was definitely a great way to end the convention season for 2011. Now, onward to 2012!”

Sherezada is a writer and film director from the San Francisco Bay Area. Read her personal blog right here and download her twisted Poe tale, ELDORADO, in the RSM Store or thru any of our online distributors!

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