Free Comic Book Day is the first weekend in May… but why should it be for only one day? Just because it’s called Free Comic Book DAY? Red Stylo Media will not be confined by labels! You want free comic books? You got ’em.

From May 1 thru August 1, 2012, AZTECA #1 is FREE. FREE in print. FREE online. FREE for YOU. We’re not kidding. And of course we’ll sign them for you! (and by “we” I mean “I” will sign them. Hi everybody! Enrica here!)

What’s the catch? Shipping is $1. That’s right. Pay for the stamp. Why are we doing this? Some of you may have noticed that 2012 is fast slipping through our fingers. It’s time to hit the gas pedal on the series! We have incredible new artists to debut in Benjamin Frazier doing pencils and Alex Cormack doing color/letters for AZTECA #4, and the series will continue through Cinco de Mayo, 2013. But you don’t get to 4 without starting at 1. So start now!

At MIDNIGHT on May 1, read AZTECA: Ciudad Paradiso #1 for FREE right here! You can also:

  • Download digital copies of AZTECA Issue #1 for FREE in the Red Stylo Media store (actually, they’re 1 cent because the software won’t allow us to have anything $0 in the store) and on
  • Order free PRINT copies! These are only available through our website, so don’t y’all go bugging our retailers for your copy—get them right here. (The comic is listed as $0.01 and then shipping is only $.99—add $1.99 for shipping outside the United States—sorry!) Comics will go out via USPS media mail.
  • Azteca issue 1

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