It’s a race to New York Comic Con! Artists Matthew J. Fletcher and Jason Strutz are going Poe to Poe, and YOU will be the one to decide who wins!

If you’ve happened by the Red Stylo Media table in artist alley at a convention any time in the last year, chances are good you have stopped dead in your tracks, mid-aisle.

You’ve been frozen by the soulful, melancholic gaze of the Dark Master of American gothic fiction, Edgar Allan Poe. (Those piercing eyes, staring out at you, straight through to your soul.)

Or perhaps instead you were jolted into suprised, baffled laughter at the crazed figure of Poe in mid-strike as he tries to cobble cuteness and light safely away and out of sight under the floorboards. (It was the unicorn that threw you, right? Yeah, us too.)

Art by Matthew J. Fletcher

Artist Jason Strutz

These prints have consistently been the best selling items on our table (next to, ya know, the COMICS) at every convention in the past year. So…the question to ask is, which one’s the winner? Which one is most infused with the mischievious spirit and dark genius of Poe? WHICH ONE should win the title of BEST POE EVER?!?!?!?

In October, Red Stylo Media will reveal art and story lineup from the newest additions to The Poe Twisted Anthology, including a first look at The House of Montresor, a full-length graphic novel and sequel to Poe’s gothic classic The Cask of Amontillado. We’ll keep a running counter on the website, facebook and twitter. Whichever artist’s print sells the most copies, whether from internet sales or at conventions (a tally faithfully reported by EIC Enrica Jang), will win the title of Poe King!

Which do you think should win? Click on a picture above to link immediately to Paypal (prints are 12″x 18″ beautiful color posters, $30 plus shipping gets you a copy of Poe Twisted and the print of your choice), or click HERE to muddy the waters and vote for both!

P.S. These guys LOVE to trash-talk, so see some pre-fight drama go down on Fletcherand Strutz‘s twitter feeds! #PoevPoe

P.P.S. Both Fletcher and Strutz are also contributors to the soon-to-be-released Shakespeare Shaken comic anthology by Red Stylo Media! #Shakespeare

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