Shakespeare Shaken the newest comic anthology from Red Stylo Media, edited by Enrica Jang and featuring original comic stories and art inspired by the poetry and plays of William Shakespeare, is slated for digital release August 15th!

All of the stories in the anthology will be released as a collected trade paperback in print as well as individual digital downloads available for sale here at and other online venues. Starting August 15th, stories will be rolled out and featured on the site as follows:

Wed, August 15

Red & Violet, by Jon Santana, with art by Ashley Lanni
War of Studios, by Bobby Harper, with art by David Fernandez (color/letters, Andre Frattino)
Starcrossed, by James McGee, with art by Mark Mullaney
***BONUS*** Brave World a mini-series by A.I. Miller, pages featured as part of the extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Aug 23

The Hempest, story and art by Andrew Jerz
Mantua County, story by Erik Radvon, art by Vsevolod Khibkin
Wheresoever Lies Tragedy if Love Endureth Forever?, story by Seth Mullins, art by Matthew J. Fletcher (color by Mark Mullaney, lettering by Erica Schultz)
***BONUS***Zombie Hamlet a mini-series by Jeremy Whitley and Gabriel Dunston, pages featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Aug 29

No. 130: For Love, story by Amber Love and Kristen McHugh, art by Jhazmine Ruiz
All Our Yesterdays, story by Richard Douek, art by Jason Strutz
Surviving Shakespeare, story by Mitch Hyman and Andrew Jerz, art by Shawn Harbin (color/letters, Alex Cormack)

Wed, Sept 5

The Iron Tongue of Midnight, by Dirk Manning, with art by The Brothers Moogk-Soulis
The Play Is the Thing, by Shaun Noel, with art by Andre Frattino
Dark Mistress, by Ryan Schrodt, with art by Mark Mullaney
***BONUS***Shakespeare Series by R. Robert Pollak, art featured as part of the file extras in digital downloads

Wed, Sept 12

The Hamelin Murders, story and art by Alex Cormack
Falstaff’s Arena, by Marta Tanrikulu, art by Michael Reisner
S.H.R.E.W., by Sherezada Kent, with art by Jarrod Perez
***BONUS***Shakespeare Series by Laura Guzzo, art featured as part of file extras in the digital downloads

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