To be loved is a great and terrible thing for two double-agents trafficking in the business of synthetic affection.

Lovers meet a terrible fate in RED & VIOLET, a twisted narco-tale of betrayal with re-imagined characters from William Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra.”

Story by Jon Santana, with art by Ashley Lanni; letters by Erica Schultz. RED & VIOLET is NOW available to download for just $1.99 in the Red Stylo Media store! The download includes special features readers will ONLY get online, including ten pages of original character designs and alternate panels! The PDF also includes a BONUS page from “Brave World,” a twist on “The Tempest,” from the mind of A.I. Miller.

Story by Jon Santana, with art by Ashley Lanni

Story by Jon Santana, with art by Ashley Lanni

This is the first published comic story by Jon Santana. In between odd jobs and the pursuit of his education, Jon reads, writes, takes pictures, and surfs the internet at an alarming rate. His other hobbies include motorcycles and the occasional nap, although he reports feelings of guilt upon waking. Last spotted in Gainesville, FL, he is older than he looks and exists almost entirely on sandwiches and caffeine.

Ashley Lanni says she has been making art since receiving her first set of crayons in the 80′s. Most of her days are happily spent drawing and painting awesome nerdy art for the entertainment of the people that understand her the most. Read more about her comic series Aspire on Facebook at

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SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is folio of thirty original comic stories and art inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This is not Aunt Martha’s dusty longbox of Shakespeare adaptations…Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!

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