Shakespeare Shaken began as an open call for writers and artists to contribute original works inspired by Shakespeare, primarily stories, but also vignettes such as one-page comics and posters. A.I. Miller, an artist in Charlottesville VA, pitched a quirky twist on “The Tempest,” called BRAVE WORLD.

An old man named Frederick (who claims to be the President of the United States) and his 3-year-old daughter Miranda are marooned on a tiny jungle-covered island…

Simple shake of Shakespeare’s wonderful drama, but the story itself is touching and sweet, and there are all sorts of things hidden in that mysterious jungle!

Story and art by A.I. Miller

BRAVE WORLD is divided into eight one-page comics interspersed throughout the print edition of Shaespeare Shaken. Folks can get a sneak peek at pages from the comic in the endpages of Red & Violet, War of Studios, and Star-crossed, or download all eight pages for $1.99 right here.

A.I.Miller, born in 1987 in Fort Worth, Texas, is a figurative painter, digital artist, writer and comic artist. His passion is for exploring the vast poetic possibilities of narrative sequential art, which he studied while earning his MFA at MICA. The subject of his work ranges from non-fiction and autobiography to philosophical cyberpunk fables. He has an active studio practice, and is working on several projects including the science fiction serial, Bicephalous Cyborg which will (hopefully) be self-published some time in the Spring. Read more about his work at

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SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This is not Aunt Martha’s dusty longbox of Shakespeare adaptations…Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!

See the complete schedule of stories available for download right here.

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