The cat is on the case! Poe-tributor, Alex Cormack, shakes Shakespeare in “The Hamelin Murders,” featuring the return of Lansdowne and Harrington, along with the loveable, huggable Gunpowder.

The Poe Twisted tale with a tail, “Tell Tale Cat,” received much love and attention by fans and reviewers, and is one of the featured titles in Red Stylo Media’s “Free Comic Book Summer.” Now Alex Cormack has brought the bickering officers Harrington and Lansdowne back for a new story along with their favored feline, Gunpowder. THE HAMELIN MURDERS is a fun shake-up of character vignettes from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” and will be available for download on Sept 12th!

Click here to read “The Tell Tale Cat” and all the other stories in The Poe Twisted Anthology. And don’t forget to check out Shakespeare Shaken, the newest anthology from Red Stylo Media, collecting original comics stories and art inspired by William Shakespeare!

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