Indie Publisher, Odd Truth Comics, is not messing around. Their premiere scifi series, TORCHBEARER, is teeing up for bi-monthly release, and the book’s creative team, writer Nicolas Dedual (his first series) and artist Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir, Devil Inside), is slated to stake territory on the main floor at New York Comic Con this year! That kind of push momentum counts for a lot when it comes to a series debut, and we are very excited to announce that Odd Truth has recruited Red Stylo to press the advantage and get the word out, starting with the series logo/masthead design and promotion in tandem with Red Stylo Media at NYCC!

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From Odd Truth:

“Torchbearer will be an ongoing comics series about an evil corporation, Prometheus Inc., poised to utterly dominate the center of the galaxy, and the attempts of a rebel organization to stop them. This scifi epic set some time in the future and is the story of two individuals–Cayoti, the
leader of the resistance movement, and Selene, a mole within Prometheus–and the actions they must take to subvert the status quo.”