Hello everyone!

I’m Matthew, the new “minion” (as RJ so eloquently put it on twitter.) I’ll be taking over a lot of the social networking stuff, doing updates and letting you guys know exactly what is going on with Red Stylo more often. That way RJ can focus on the more important stuff, like making comics for instance.

RJ and I met through craigslist (EDITOR’s NOTE: he means he responded to a want ad I posted on Craigslist….wait, that doesn’t sound better at all…), and hopefully the rest will be history. I’m a writer of sorts. I’m also a Jew. I don’t know which has more control over my lack of physical prowess, I’d say it’s 50-50 toss up. (EDITOR’S NOTE: the views and opinions expressed in this profile are entirely that of the minion and not of Red Stylo Media…) I enjoy nerd things, like bad sci-fi shows (Sliders anyone?) and a ton of other nerdy things and obviously comic books (Craig Thompson, Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns, Art Spiegelman, Rob Liefeld name drop name drop name drop.)

I really hope to make Red Stylo a home for a long time to come, and hope you guys do too.

If you wish, you can follow my personal twitter here, The Twitters and check out my personal blog here: Apeyard Holler

So, see you in the next issue!


(EDITOR’s NOTE: I can foresee trouble already…)

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