His desire for revenge even beyond the grave cost the life of his son and birthed a millennia of strife that destroyed his kingdom. Can the ghost of a long-dead girl show King Hamlet a path to peace? Forgiveness is the key to eternal rest in “Wheresoever Lies Tragedy if Love Endureth Forever?” a haunting and beautiful tale in the voice of King Hamlet, the ghost of immortal fame in William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet.”

Set in a beautifully drawn steampunk universe with giant, hulking robot kings, little ghost-girls and an ending that is sure to leave its mark on the reader, Seth Mullins and Matthew Fletcher have crafted a unique story that will tug at your heart.


“Wheresoever Lies Tragedy if Love Endureth Forever?” written by Seth Mullins features gorgeous art by Matthew Fletcher with equally inspiring colors by Mark Mullaney, and letters by Erica Schultz.

“Wheresoever Lies Tragedy if Love Endureth Forever?” is NOW available to download for just $1.99 in the Red Stylo Media Store! This download includes a page from “Zombie Hamlet” a Shakespeare Shaken mini-series written by 2012 Eisner Nominee Jeremy Whitley, with art by Gabriel Dunston!

Seth Mullins is a freelance writer, blogger and fantasy author. Some of his favorite themes to explore include alternate worlds/realities, the spiritual journey, magic and redemption. More of his work can be viewed at The Spiritual Edge, http://frontiersofconsciousness.blogspot.com

Matthew J. Fletcher is a Connecticut-based artist. Working primarily in pen/ink, watercolor, and digital mediums, Matthew immerses himself in the worlds of superheroes, robots, and monsters. Matthew is the featured artist illustrating The House of Montressor, an upcoming full-length graphic novel as part of The Poe Twisted Anthology, published by Red Stylo Media. Matthew’s past work includes illustrating a short story for Nevermorecomic.com, contributing sketch cards for Perna Studio’s Classic Mythology card set, and has been featured on the cover and interior of Thunk Magazine. In addition to his comic and illustration work, Matthew’s original works have been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

Mark Mullaney is an artist from Boston, Massachusetts. See more of his work at www.themahk.blogspot.com.

Erica Schultz is the writer and co-creator of the original comic book series, M3. She’s worked in the comic industry for more than three years, and has provided artistic and editor support on the mini-series Batman Odyssey, New Avengers 16.1, Blood, and The Astonishing X-Men motion comic “Gifted.”. More recently, she has been working with Red Stylo Press, providing editorial, design, and lettering support for their various titles. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, A.J.

Shakespeare Shaken is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This isn’t Abigail May’s Rhetorical Guide to Shakespearian Sonnets …it’s Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!

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