It’s Saturday night in Shakespeare, OH-IO and the Sonnets and Globes are battling for the Championship. But when Coach Macbeth encourages his players to play a little less than fair, it’s up to Viola and her twin-brother Sebastian to even the score!

This basketball game is an all-ages mash-up of characters and plot-twists from William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, including “Twelfth Night,” “Othello,” “Julius Caesar,” and “Hamlet.”Written by Shaun Noel (City of Walls), with art by Andre Frattino (The Reaper of St. George Street,) this comic is the most age-accessible addition in our folio, with art that hearkens back to Archie, and a story that is comical and triumphant, THE PLAY IS THE THING, is a great read!

THE PLAY IS THE THING is available NOW on the Red Stylo Media Store for 1.99! This file also includes a BONUS pin-up from artist R. Robert Pollak!

Shaun Noel is a graduate of the State University of Geneseo. He has had various jobs in the comic industry including a summer internship at DC Comics and Wizard Magazine’s online site. A mild mannered worker ant by day, Shaun spends his nights dreaming up stories of heroic deeds and flowing capes. He is currently writing the adventures of Arianna, Jin and Daniel in his dystopian comic book City of Walls. This collaboration with Abede Lovelace is available at and at every New York Comic con.

Andre Frattino is the color/letter artist for AZTECA #1 and #2. He illustrated the children’s novel, Here Comes Julie Jack (Wild Onion Press). He also wrote and illustrated The Reaper of St. George Street, a graphic novel published by Pineapple Press. Andre draws and writes the comic strip Son of a Gator in the University of Florida’s Independent Florida Alligator. Andre lives in Gainesville FL.

SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This isn’t an amateur production of Othello in the community rec center parking lot…its Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!

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