We here at Red Stylo Media, have a long list of contributors, artists and writers. Each of these individuals are crazy cool, and although this comes through in their work, sometimes the little details can be missed. So! We’re letting you on what makes these fellas’ tick.

Our next chat is with Kristen McHugh, co-writer for No. 130 for Love.”

Q: What are major influences as a writer/artist? 
A: When I got my first library card, one of the first books I picked up was a collected edition of Shakespeare’s plays. As a writer, I’ve found Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, and JK Rowling incredibly influential because storytelling is always the point of their work. Clive Barker and growing up saturated in SF/F film have probably influenced my conception of visual mediums and their importance in narratives.

Q: What’s your favorite place to get comics?
A: I tend to prefer digital these days. While I still love brick-and-mortar shops (Phantom of the Attic – Oakland and New Dimension Comics – W. Mifflin are my LCSs) digital is great for me when I’m trying out new comics, and the portability is AWESOME.

Q: How did you get into comics, and do you have any long term projects?
A: As a reader? My mom. As a writer. . . Well, Amber asked me about my knowledge of Shakespeare and the rest is in the pages of Shaken. I do have a long-term project I’m working on, but it’s still early days of story development and world-building with the artist I’m collaborating with. Yes, I jumped into the deep end of the ocean after No. 130 For Love.

Q: Who would be your dream team to work with?
A: Oh boy. This is the world’s toughest question. It really is. I love Kieron Gillen and Gail Simone, and I’m partial to Phil Noto, Skottie Young, and Josh Adams’ art. Nicola Scott, Amanda Conner. . . the list is pretty endless.

Q: Marvel, DC, or Indie?
A: When it comes to superheroes, I am most definitely a Marvel gal. I really love the possibility present in Indie books, though. Telling a story in a new way, or taking chances on stories that aren’t quite as mainstream is where Indies are able to push the comics medium outside their comfort zone.

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
A: Considering the world we live in, being a technopath would come in useful, I think. It’s a practical superpower. (laughs) That’s me, picking a superpower with real-world applications.

Technopath eh? With that ability you’d be able to social network from anywhere in the world…without a cellphone!
Thanks so much Kristen for one of the best Q&A’s we’ve had yet!-RSM
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