Gunpowder is back! The lovable, crime-fighting, sexually-confused feline is teaming up again with Officers Harrington and Lansdowne. All the while, Gunpowder plays an unwitting part in a dastardly plot for power back at the precinct. Meanwhile, our clueless cops try to unravel a case of literary homicide at the Hamelin mansion. Hijinks ensue!

Alex Cormack is the author and artist who first introduced the intrepid kitty in “The Tell Tale Cat,” one of the comic shorts in The Poe Twisted Anthology. THE HAMELIN MURDERS brings back all of the zany main characters from that story, while introducing some new ones borrowed, twisted, shaken and stirred from William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “Macbeth.” Written and Drawn by Alex Cormack , Colors by Ashley Cook and Alex Cormack.

THE HAMELIN MURDERS is available NOW in the Red Stylo Media Store for 1.99! This download is jam-packed with a giant extra: the UNCUT, original version of Alex Cormack’s The Hamelin Murders. The file also includes a BONUS pin-up from artist Laura Guzzo!

For a brief moment in 1982, Alex Cormack was the youngest human being on Earth. Now he is an illustrator/animator living in Waltham MA. His work has been seen in such publications as The Poe Twisted Anthology, Azteca, The Chikara Web Comic, The Minimum Paige Anthology, Hellbound 2 Anthology, Image Comics’s Skull-kickers, and the upcoming Oxymoron Anthology from Comix Tribe. He is also getting married to the world famous artist, Ashley Cook, who helped color The Hamelin Murders and the short Dead Men’s Story for more information visit,

SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This isn’t an orgy of death simply because the author gets his kicks from excessive killing (I’m looking at you William)…it’s Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!


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