NO. 130 FOR LOVE, the tragic tale of a man given the chance to be consort to a goddess if only he will agree to renounce his mortal mate. Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130,” this highly-stylized comic story combines grand Elizabethan drama with the savage cruelty of Ancient Rome, packaged in gorgeous and ornate steam-punk mech.

Story by Amber Love and Kristen McHugh, with art by Jhazmine Ruiz, NO. 130 FOR LOVE, features some truly lovely panels you have to see to believe.

NO. 130 FOR LOVE is available NOW on the Red Stylo Media Store for $1.99! This download includes sketch pages and alternate cover roughs readers can ONLY get online, plus a page from “Zombie Hamlet” a Shakespeare Shaken mini-series written by Eisner Nominee Jeremy Whitley, with art by Gabriel Dunston!

This story was written by writers Amber Love and Kristen McHugh.

Amber aka Elizabeth-Amber Love is a model and writer from New Jersey. She is one of the co-founders and resident Wonder Woman of a huge fundraiser hosted by Comic Fusion to raise donations through the sales of comic art to benefit a domestic violence charity. She has written Holyoak, Slim & Posh, Teen Detective, Athena Voltaire: Land, Sky & Sea and has been a guest writer for Subculture webcomic. She designs and sells superhero costumes which will be featured on the NatGeo series Comic Store Heroes. Her new podcast Vodka O’Clock features many different aspects of arts and entertainment. She is also known for doodling penguin superheroes on bar napkins. has even more shenanigans.

Kristen McHugh is a Pittsburgh-based writer and spoken-word performer. A life-long activist, Kristen is hard at work saving the world through her work in nonprofits, when she’s not plotting world domination through geekery on twitter, @kristenmchugh22. This is her first published comic. Read an exclusive Red Stylo Artist Q&A with Kristen right here.

Jhazmine Ruiz, ‘artiste extraordinaire,’ is the former penciler for AZTECA (Red Stylo Media, Issues #1-3.) She is a Savannah College of Art and Design alum and has been published by Marvel Comics (Big Hero 6, Issues 3 and 4) as well as in The Fletcher Hanks Redux Anthology. She lives in Riverview, FL.

SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This isn’t your Nana’s sonnets from her kindergarten tea parties…its Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!

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