We here at Red Stylo Media, have a long list of contributors, artists and writers. Each of these individuals are crazy cool, and although it comes through with their work, sometimes the little details can be missed. So! We’ll be giving you letting you on what makes these fellas’ tick.

Our third chat is with Nicolas Dedual, writer and creator of TORCHBEARER, which you can check out here 

Q: So Nicolas, we’d like to know first off, what are major influences as a writer?
A: As a writer, I’ve been greatly influenced by Neil Gaiman, J.R.R Tolkien, Issac Asimov and Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock seems a bit of a fluke, as he’s not primarily known as a writer, but no one can deny his sense of timing and ability to build suspense are impeccable!

Q: How did you get into comics?
A: I was at NYCC 2011 with a friend listening to Jimmy Palmiotti (writer of Jonah Hex) and Andy Schmidt (of Comics Experience) talk about how to write and structure a comic book. At that moment, I realized that it really was possible to write comics for a living and decided then and there that next year I’d be attending NYCC as a creator. And so my journey began.

As for long term plans, aside from wrapping up Torchbearer’s 50 issues, there is a graphic novel I’m helping produce and I’m seriously considering writing a good time-travel thriller. We’ll see where that goes. But the graphic novel and Torchbearer are a go.

Q: Who would be your dream team to work with?
A: Hmm… tough question. I already have Dennis Calero for Torchbearer, so that’s already part of my dream team there. For another project, say a cosmic horror thriller, I would love to have Alex Ross for covers, Amanda Conner for pencils and inks and Chris Sotomayor for colors. One of these days, dear reader, I promise. Soon.

Q: Do you have any long term projects?
A: Odd Truth, all the way.

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
A: Multiplicity, but with every clone’s mind connected to my own. That way, I can multitask efficiently and learn everything as they learn it. Basically, become the Borg. But a nice Borg, you know?

Thanks Nicolas! Be sure to check out TORCHBEARER here! Next issue is out December 2012!


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