Diamond Distributors. It’s official: Alexis Cruz and Colin Rankine’s The UnProfessionals: A Sociopathic Bromance is set for Diamond Distribution! Take that!

(Uproarious Applause)

Now what does this mean? It means comic stores across the country will be able to order The UnProfessionals in MARCH PREVIEWS! Awesome, right? Right! we’ve been picked up by the biggest comics distributor around, Diamond Distributing (the big guns that make sure your Spidermans and your Batmans are stocked in the store.) Comic shops across the country will now see and be able to order The Unprofessionals. Feels a lot like Jake & Leo, starting out small and moving up.

The Unprofessionals will be in March PREVIEWS this year. Keep an eye on SociopathicBromance.com for more updates.

We're in!

We’re in!

We have nothing but love and thanks to all the artists on the UnPro team for their hard work delivering a comic worthy of national distribution. MEans the world to us all: this is Alexis and Colin’s first comic, and Red Stylo’s first Diamond Distributed book.Red Stylo now has a shot at distributing more RSM and RSP books in future!

P.S. Since w’ere so into gemstones this month, Red Stylo fans should stop by at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle next week, to visit with Enrica and shake hands with Alexis Cruz!

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