“I see Queen Mab hath been with you.
” Destiny and future fame are the stuff of dreams in THE IRON TONGUE OF MIDNIGHT. Written entirely in iambic pentameter, writer, Dirk Manning and illustrators, The Brothers Moogk-Soulis, reimagine the roles of Mercutio and Queen Mab, originally from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet.”

Mercutio, the close friend of Romeo, must come to terms with a ominous fate given to him by the beautiful and mysterious fairy, Queen Mab. The story is based on Mercutio’s monologue about Queen Mab, during Act 1.

Iron Tongue Cover

THE IRON TONGUE OF MIDNIGHT is NOW available to download for just $1.99 in the Red Stylo Media Store! The download includes special features readers will ONLY get online, including bonus material, a pin-up from artist R. Robert Pollak and Shakespeare themed strips from Post-Script, a web comic written and illustrated by The Brothers Moogk-Soulis.

Dirk Manning is best known as the writer/creator of the horror comic series NIGHTMARE WORLD from Image Comics/Shadowline. He is also the writer of TALES OF MR. RHEE and LOVE STORIES ABOUT DEATH (both of which can be read for free at www.ShadowlineOnline.com), the writer/co-creator of the all-ages fantasy series FARSEEKER (www.ACTIVATEcomix.com) and the writer of The Hunger for the popular YouTube horror film series BlackBoxTV.

The Brothers Moogk-Soulis (Graham and Neal,) are the creators of PostScript, a comic strip set in the messy aftermath of fairytales that can be found at www.PostScriptComic.com. The comics feature a cast as quirky and twisted as the brothers’ senses of humour. With their backgrounds in History and English, the two might seem like unlikely cartoonist but fit perfectly in the world of Shakespeare.

SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN is a folio of thirty original comic stories and vignettes inspired by the plays, poetry and life of William Shakespeare. This is not Aunt Martha’s dusty longbox of Shakespeare adaptations…Shakespeare SHAKEN, not stirred!


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