***UPDATE!! New names have been added to the Creatures list below! We’re keeping later additions in italics, so you can spot them easily. Please welcome our new people–this collection continues to evolve, astound and amaze!***

This is the official announcement for the slate of artists and writers participating in this year’s Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein anthology, a collection of comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!

Unfashioned Creatures is a comic art anthology of original works inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic novel, “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.” The artists and writers were challenged to dig into the themes and characters that make Shelley’s Frankenstein such an enduring work, and to create original graphic tales of folly, foibles, and hubris, both human and monster alike.

This collection is a sister title to Red Stylo’s previous anthologies, Shakespeare Shaken and The Poe Twisted Anthology. And once again…we’ve grown! Unfashioned Creatures will be a full-color trade paperback with an expanded collection of digital offerings online! Monsters need a lot of space to lurch around, after all, plus Frankenstein’s monster was nothing if not multi-media.

The Fashioners include:
Blake Armstrong
Chris Beckett
Dan Betro
Karl Bollers
Susan and Jeffrey Bridges
Alex Cormack*
Aaron Duran
Gary Fitzgerald
Jason Folkes
Josephine Grant
Kevin Gunstone
Trevor Hanowski
Josh Hechinger
Forrest Helvie
Sam Hock
Nick Hoffman
Slobodan Jovanovic
Xander Kent
Jess L’Heureux
Abede Lovelace
Damien Lucchese
Jackson McBrayer
James McGee*
Alberto Melendez
A.I. Miller*
Anthony Moretta
Mark Mullaney*
Shaun Noel*
Blake Packard
Maritsa Patrinos
Jarrod Perez*
R. Robert Pollak*
James Powell
Ryan Schrodt*
Jason Strutz*
Noel Tuazon
Bryan Turner
Monica Valentinelli
Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev
Kenneth Whitfield

Editor: Enrica Jang*

Art by Jason Folkes

Art by Jason Folkes

Much luck and many thanks to everyone listed here for contributing their talents and time to this project! More about each of these wonderful individuals as we move forward into production this year. Unfashioned Creaturesis slated for print release in August 2013. And check back soon, maybe… you never know when we might identify more bodies…

* Returning contributors from Shakespeare Shaken

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