We’re excited to announce the re-release of City of Walls #1, by writer, Shaun Noel, and artist, Abede Lovelace!

Kowloon City, the great walled oasis in Asia, cut off from the rest of the world. It is its own sovereign nation, and the word of the Triads is law. Life in Kowloon is not easy for anyone, especially Daniel Jin and Ariana. And though these three best friends may be from different backgrounds, soon they must come together in a common purpose: escape!

Now re-mastered and in FULL COLOR, City of Walls is a new series by creators Shaun Noel and Abede Lovelace, with inks by Mark Morales, published by Standalone Productions in cooperation with Red Stylo Press. The new book is 28 pages and is debuting on our table at San Diego Comic Con this week!

Table L10 in the Small Press Pavilion at SDCC 2013!

Table L10 in the Small Press Pavilion at SDCC 2013!

Shaun and Abede continue to work hard on the series. They previously released 4 black-and-white issues, all of which are in color production now. The team plans to release a new color edition of their TRADE PAPERBACK later this year! Red Stylo is excited to help this wonderful book get to a wider audience. Digital and print editions of the comic are available in our online store, and wherever RSM books and downloads are sold.

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