Evil "Assistant Editor" McGee (and Ziegfried)

Evil “Assistant Editor” McGee (and Ziegfried)

Luthor?  Palpatine?  Moriarty?  Bah!  Amateurs!  Behold the true face of evil! 

It is I, James “Snidely” McGee!  Along with my felonious feline, Ziegfried, I have ejected erstwhile editor-at-large, Enrica Jang.  Red Stylo is now mine!

Marvel at my Machiavellian machinations!  Planting the seeds for my eventual takeover, I first penned “Star-Crossed” with the Maniacal  Mark Mullaney for Red Stylo’s Shakespeare Shaken.  I next beguiled the globe with my passionately potent prose, barely contained in the virtual pages of Super Flash Fiction, Fireside Magazine, and This Mutant Life.   Closing the villainously vicious circle, I returned to Red Stylo with “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” rendered in gratuitously graphic glory by the Amoral Alex Cormack for the upcoming Unfashioned Creatures.   

Awed by these astonishing accomplishments, Enrica naively bestowed upon me the position of Assistant Editor.  Little did she know this would be her downfall, for McGee assists no one!  Plunging the proverbial knife of betrayal into her bewildered back, I wrenched control from the misguided Ms. Jang!  Now, Red Stylo will be the cornerstone of my cross-continental comic book empire! 

Those wishing to witness the unfolding of my unwholesome usurpment may follow my twisted Tweetings.    I shall graciously accept your groveling subservience. 

Today,  Red Stylo.  Tomorrow…the world!

P.S. This takeover is total. See the full glory of my evil plans on RSM’s Facebook and Twitter!

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