“With how many things are we on the brink of becoming acquainted, if cowardice or carelessness did not restrain our inquiries.”

It’s alive! This is the schedule for the digital rollout of all the stories in Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology, a collection of original comic art, inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic masterpiece, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. Rather than adapt or re-tell the novel, forty-three artists and writers were challenged to cut deep into the flesh of the source material and to be inspired to create their own monstrous works!

Every two weeks, starting August 28th thru Halloween, new stories from this expanded collection of digital comics will be available for download in the Red Stylo Media store, as well as all other places RSM digital titles are sold. Only $1.99, each story will include digital extras, art, scripts, and notes from the artists, as well as a collection of vignettes and art from other creators around the world!

Stories will be rolled out and featured on the site as follows:

Wed, August 28

“Last Man Standing,” story by Monica Valentinelli, with art by Josephine Grant
“Frankenstein on Mars,” story by Aaron Duran, with art by Jess L’heureux
“My Brother, My Self,” story by Kenneth Whitfield, with art by Nick Hoffman
***BONUS*** “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” a mini-series by James “Snidely” McGee, with art by Alex Cormack, features as part pf extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Sept 11

“Pock-It Monster,” story and art by Blake Packard
“Epiphany,” story by Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev, art by A.I. Miller
“Big Man,” story by C.M. Beckett, art by Gary Fitzgerald
***BONUS*** “Smooshenstein,” a mini-series by Damien Lucchese, art by Maritsa Patrinos, pages featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Sept 25

“Isolation,”, story by Blake Armstrong, art by Jason Strutz
“Come Together,” story and art by R. Robert Pollak
“The Family Curse,”, story by James w. Powell, art by Noel Tuazon
***BONUS*** “Frankenmorning,” short comic by Susan and Jeff bridges, with art by Penelope Gaylord; “Shelley Portrait”, by Trevor Hanowski, art featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Oct 9

“Extreme Makeover: Resurrection Edition,”, story by Ryan Schrodt, with art by Jarrod Perez (color by Ashley Lanni)
“The Doctor’s Wife,” story by Enrica Jang, with art by Abede Lovelace
“Test Subject,”, story by Kevin Gunstone, with art by Slobodan Jovanovic (color by Vsevolod Khibkin)
***BONUS*** “Frankenspace,” by Jason Folkes; “Rosie the Reanimator,” by Jackson McBrayor and Xander Kent, art featured as part of the file extras in digital downloads

Wed, Oct 23

“Pieces,” story by Shaun Noel, art by Mark Mullaney
“The Fire Thief,” story by S.J. hock, art by Xander Kent
“The Unbelonging,” story by Anthony Moretta, with art by Sarah Stern
***BONUS*** “The Monster Demands a Mate,” mini-series by Josh Hechinger, art by Dan Betro, featured as part of file extras in the digital downloads

Prepare for the monsters to be unleashed! Are you ready?

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