Talk about holding a grudge!  Victor Frankenstein’s infamous experiment left his entire family dead…save for younger brother, Ernest. When the middle child takes up the “family business,” will he put to right Victor’s crimes? Or will the violence just go on…and on…

The forgotten Frankenstein brother takes center stage in this chilling and bloody tale by Kenneth Whitfield and Nick Hoffman. The digital download includes a BONUS page from “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” a mini-series written by James McGee and illustrated by Alex Cormack.

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Kenneth Whitfield’s credits include scripts in ‘Death Rattle’, ‘Trailer Park of Terror’ and ‘When Drive-Ins Attack’ comic anthologies. (Stories about drunks, demons and zombies…) He’s had prose stories published in ‘DemonMinds’, ‘Undead Dixie’, and ‘Steamy Screams’ horror print anthologies. (Stories about drunks, demons, zombies and vampires…) He’s also been seen online in ‘Horror Garage’, ‘Gore Magazine’ and ‘Dark Eclipse’ ezines. (Stories about drunks, demons, zombies, vampires and war … hmm… there may be a pattern developing…)

Nick Hoffman is a young freelance, independent artist with big plans and big dreams. He has released a self published comic, ‘The Beautiful People‘ and currently works as an artist for the webcomic, ‘When Claws Were Cool‘, though much of his attention is focused on releasing his own series ‘Goblin Taxi‘. He currently lives in Wisconsin with his family where he pretends to live in the 80′s. See more of his work at

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein.  A host of creators have sewn together comic shorts, short-series and original artwork sure to inspire equal parts terror and wonder.  The digital edition will included bonus stories and content unavailable in the print edition, which will come alive in time for Halloween.  Download this and other stories in Red Stylo’s online store!

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