“When I reflected on his crimes and malice, my hatred burst all bounds of moderation.” –Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

A rare first edition of Frankenstein could hold the key to a gruesome series of murders that took place over 200 years ago.  Mr. Willard wants justice for his ancestors, but will life tragically imitate art once again?

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Obsession is the order of the day in “The Family Curse” by James W. Powell, with art by Noel Tuazon. Color by Seva Khibkin; Letters by Mark Mullaney.  The digital download includes the short comic “Frankenmorning,” by Susan and Jeff bridges, with art by Penelope Gaylord; and “Shelley Portrait” by Trevor Hanowski.

James W. Powell is a professional writer/editor whose comic work has appeared in the Dark Horse anthology Once Upon a Time Machine, and the Eisner-nominated Postcard: True Stories That Never Happened. He recently edited Kill All Monsters, a graphic novel set for publication the summer of 2013. James lives in Denver with his wife and son.

Noel Tuazon is a Toronto based illustrator currently working full time at Nelvana Studios doing storyboard revisions. He hates travelling, loves cold weather and, when time allows, draws comics. Graphic novels he’s illustrated include Joshua Hale Fialkov’s ‘Elk’s Run’ and ‘Tumor’, Eric Hobbs’ ‘The Broadcast’ and Brian Buccellato’s six-issue ‘Foster’ series. His works has already appeared in several anthologies including the zombie-themed, ‘Fleshrot’, ‘Outlaw Territory’ (Image) and, most recently, ‘Once Upon A Time Machine’ (Dark Horse). Samples of his work can be viewed at the site, Ribs, Inc.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein.  A host of creators have sewn together comic shorts, short-series and original artwork sure to inspire equal parts terror and wonder.  The digital edition will included bonus stories and content unavailable in the print edition, which will come alive in time for Halloween.

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