If you’re going to play God, why not do it with some style? When James decides to resurrect his dead boyfriend, he takes the opportunity to make a few “improvements” on the original design.  Unfortunately, tampering with nature has consequences even James could not have predicted.

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Mad science has never looked this good, in Extreme Makeover: Resurrection Edition, courtesy of Ryan Schrodt and Jarrod Perez. Color by Ashley Lanni; Letters by Mark Mullaney. The digital download includes art pieces “Frankenspace,” by Jason Folkes and “Rosie the Reanimator,” by Jackson McBrayor and Xander Kent.

Ryan L. Schrodt made his professional writing debut in Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine in 2011 and has not stopped making comics since. Also in 2011, he released a collection of short comics, Matinee Eclectica. Upcoming work includes the one-shot King of Cool (Comic Aid Press), the graphic novella How the Krampus Saved Christmas, a Supreme story drawn by Rob Liefeld, and contributions to various anthologies. He also writes and “draws” the weekly webcomic Dear Dinosaur for www.twoforonecomics.com. When he’s not making comics, he is fanatically supporting the Vancouver Canucks and trying to eat as many different grilled animals as possible. For more about Ryan’s adventures in comics, check out his website www.schrodtcomics.com.

Jarrod L. Perez (or TOONZi, as he signs his work) is the founder/owner of Milqtoast Comics, a company branded with high quality comics created by himself with stimulating and playful illustrations and stories, touching anywhere from stoner adventures in strange lands to random humorous social commentaries by engaging colorful characters. Picking up a comic by Jarrod is the formula for intellectual and thought provoking comedy at its best. He also plays bass and sings in his own band, as well as an occasional bass player for Dirk Strangely and his Hatchetmen.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein.  A host of creators have sewn together comic shorts, short-series and original artwork sure to inspire equal parts terror and wonder.  Download this story now, or pre-order the print edition in our online store in time for Halloween!

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