Welcome to the Shameless Self-Promotion Hour, with your host, Snidely McGee!

In the past month, I have added two more literary conquests to my ever-expanding entertainment empire!  Clearly, I would be doing a disservice to you, my lowly followers, if I did not present you with every opportunity to show your admiration.  So, sample my sinister wares and snatch up copies for yourself, family, friends, sworn enemies, and everyone in between.

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In “Sell It Like Death,” I explore one of my favorite topics: shattered dreams.  Ryan “The Rage” Rollins has just begun his journey in the off-kilter world of professional wrestling.  He is far from attaining the heights of fame and fortune enjoyed by his in-ring heroes, and is starting to wonder if the dream is all it’s cracked up to be.  This tale of woe is available for download in Fireside Magazine Issue 6!

From masked wrestlers to masks of a different sort, “Clean Up” takes me back to my comic-book roots (where I always cheer on the villains).  Look at the world of costumed-crime fighters through the eyes of a man on the street who always seems to be left holding the bag after one of their “heroic” adventures.  “Clean Up” is collected in the neo-pulp anthology This Mutant Life , available in both print and e-reader additions.

And, of course, we mustn’t forget the jewels in my crown–the stories that allowed me to first infiltrate Red Stylo Media, usurp Miss Jang and become your favorite evil overlord!

Star-Crossed” from Shakespeare Shaken reexamines the, heh, “great love story” of Romeo and Juliet with a more modern, cynical eye.  Brought to life with the help of co-conspirator Mark Mullaney!

Very soon you will also see my short mini-comic for Unfashioned Creatures. With all of the drama and daddy-issues, doesn’t the story of Frankenstein seem right at home on a day-time talk show?  Alex McCormack illustrates “Twitter and my burgeoning blog for the latest updates on my continuing conquests!


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