Everyone has a special talent, whether it be strength, intelligence, or even a thick skull.  Victor’s talent is sniffing out the gifts of his fellow man and putting them to their proper use.  Of course, some people need a little help realizing their full potential…

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Find out what monsters are made of (hint:  It ain’t frogs, snails, or puppy-dog tails) in “Pieces” by Shaun Noel and Mark Mullaney.  The digital download includes a page from “The Monster Demands a Mate,” a comic mini-series by Josh Hechinger, with art by Dan Betro.

Shaun Noel is a graduate of the State University of Geneseo. He has had various jobs in the comic industry including a summer internship at DC Comics and Wizard Magazine’s online site. A mild mannered worker ant by day, Shaun spends his nights dreaming up stories of heroic deeds and flowing capes. He is currently writing the adventures of Arianna, Jin and Daniel in his dystopian comic book City of Walls. This collaboration with A.K. Lovelace is available at CityofWalls.com and at every New York Comic con.

Mark Mullaney is an Emmy-nominated artist from Boston, Massachussetts. See more of his work at www.themahk.blogspot.com.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein. A host of creators have sewn together comic shorts, short-series and original artwork sure to inspire equal parts terror and wonder.  The digital edition will included bonus stories and content unavailable in the print edition, which will come alive in time for Halloween.

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