Kevin Grevioux

Kevin Grevioux, creator of Underworld and I, Frankenstein

Kevin Grevioux knows a thing or two about re-imagining classic monsters.  As the writer and creator of the Underworld franchise, he made vampires and werewolves sexy long before certain other franchises (which we’ll keep in the dark), and injected a healthy dose of action to boot.  The upcoming I, Frankenstein, based on Kevin’s graphic novel and screenplay, is destined to redefine Mary Shelley’s complex creature for a new generation of movie-goers.

Say…isn’t there a comic anthology putting its own spin on Shelley’s iconic work?  Why, I think there is! In fact, Kevin penned the Foreword for the print edition of Red Stylo’s Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology! The book is available in our store now, and will be available thru Amazon in February!

In addition to his screenwriting credits, Kevin has spent nearly twenty years in front of the camera, with roles in The Mask, Congo, Men in Black II, and the Underworld series.  He is also no stranger to comics, having founded Astounding and DarkStorm Studios, and with writing credits that include Marvel’s New Warriors and Red 5’s ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction.  Red Stylo is truly honored to have this multi-talented artist put his stamp of approval on our latest project.


Psst! We didn’t have anything to do with this crazy-awesome movie (we are not associated with Lionsgate) but I, Frankenstein ,starring Aaron Eckhart, hits theaters on January 24, and we are totally going! Visit their official website by clicking here!
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