Anthony Moretta was one of the forty-three creators who submitted stories to Unfashioned Creatures.  As our Q&A series continues, we asked Anthony to answer some questions about himself and his haunting story, Unbelonging.

Q: Be honest! How familiar were you with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein when you first pitched for Unfashioned Creatures?

A: Somewhat familiar in the “read it twenty years ago-remember some-forgot most-library assignment book-don’t like many of the films, but can’t help using them as reference points” sense.

Q: What’s your favorite take on the Frankentstein mythos?

A: Young Frankenstein, of course, and Buffy episode “Some Assembly Required.” Least favorite? Everything else.

Q: Hey! Awesome, love me some Joss Whedon, is he an inspiration? What are some of yours?

A: Yeah, Joss Whedon is an inspiration, along with Preston Sturges, Robert Altman, John Sayles, Paul Dini, Joe Hill, John Fante, Charles Bukowski, David Mamet, to name a few. 



Q:  What led you down the comics road to ruin?

A: Picture books. Plain and simple. I love film so it seemed a natural transition. Plus, the heightened attention being paid to the writer in an art-heavy medium is encouraging, especially for those who can’t draw, like me. A happy marriage between art and prose makes for the glorious.

Q: What else are you working on now? Any long-term projects?

A: Stringer, a comic book mini-series now in art development about a lonely musician, scrappy religious girl and witches, and Travels, a vampire and bored lovers film project, for which the first part is complete, and to be shopped for further production and distribution.

Q: If you could be any monster, who/what would you be?

A: Lindsay Lohan.

Thanks Anthony! Let’s all be fair to LinLo too, because Parent Trap is a classic, regardless if she turned into a literal mess of a human.

Anthony Moretta is a Brooklyn-born and bred writer, filmmaker and attorney.


UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein. A monstrous body of comic shorts, short-series and original art, sure to inspire equal parts terror and lols.

Matthew Erman compiled questions for this interview. Check back in the coming weeks for the next Q&A with more Fashioners!
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