We’ve got a newcomer to the Red Stylo Family in Sam Hock. Sam Fashioned “The Fire Thief” and sat down with us for a little Q & A.

Q: Hi Sam! So be honest! How familiar were you with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein when you first pitched for Unfashioned Creatures?

A: I read the original novel in 10th grade, but I haven’t read it since. I’ve seen Young Frankenstein about a Frankenzillion times. (That’s a real number, you know. Totally didn’t make it up just now.)

Q: What’s your favorite take on the Frankentstein mythos? Least favorite?

A: Young Frankenstein! Also, embarrassing confession time, I really liked the interpretation of the monster in Van Helsing. He was visually striking and refreshingly human. (And was just about the only redeeming feature of that movie.) I’m not too crazy about any adaptation that reduces the monster to a single-minded smash/kill zombie. They’re taking an amazing character and making him a non-character! That just isn’t done in proper society.

Q: Major inspirations for your art/writing? What led you down the comics road to ruin?

A: Joss Whedon was the writer that made me want to write. Brian K. Vaughan was the writer that made me want to write comics. When I read Pride of Baghdad, I decided that if I could do something even just a quarter as good as this, I’ll have made something of myself.

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Q: What else are you working on now? Any long-term projects?

A: I write Jack & Voytek, a weekly webcomic about British commando Jack Churchill and Voytek the Soldier Bear in WWII. (They really existed! Google them. They’re awesome.) I’m also working on a couple of novels of the YA sci-fi/fantasy variety, but those are on the longer side of long term.

Q: If you could be any monster, who/what would you be?

A: Werewolf. I’d want to be the kind that can change on command and stay in control, though, rather than the kind that becomes an uncontrollable yet regularly-scheduled fanged catastrophe every month. What can I say? I like to moon gaze under my own free will. But yeah. Werewolves. Hands down my favorite monster. I eagerly await Red Stylo’s werewolf anthology, whenever that may happen.

Sam, you never know what’s around the corner with Red Stylo, we could do a gummy bear anthology next year, if we wanted. We’re crazy like that. Thanks for taking the time to answer, and as always check out his web-comic here: Jack & Voytek

S.J. Hock tells stories in any medium he can get his mitts on. Read “The Fire Thief” digitally or in print on or in RSM’s online store!


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UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale, Frankenstein. An eclectic body of comic shorts, short-series and original art, sure to inspire equal parts terror and lols.

Matthew Erman compiled questions for this interview. Check back in the coming weeks for the next Q&A with more Fashioners!


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