Mary Shelley–who died on February 1, 1851–continues to inspire generations of fans and creators, even 163 years after her death. Her beloved Dr. Frankenstein fashioned a monster who long outlived his creator, spreading terror everywhere he went.

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Posting a day late on this, but to commemorate Shelly’s enduring contribution to literature, pop culture, and basically all things cool, readers can get a copy of Unfashioned Creatures: The Monster Edition for $19.99–ten dollars off the normal price! This behemoth of a book collects over twenty shorts, series, pin-ups and vignettes inspired by Frankenstein. The Monster Edition is the only place to find all of these goodies in one place, as some will not be included in the upcoming retail edition.

Visit Red Stylo’s Online Store to take advantage of this offer. Shelly’s creation will live on for years to come, but don’t expect for this deal to be resurrected any time soon! Offer expires Feb 14th. Stories include:

frank cover

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley’s legendary tale, Frankenstein. This body of comic shorts, short-series and original art, is sure to inspire equal parts terror and lols.

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