KillerQueenstrokes and stuffWow!  Just…wow!

We were looking for Somebody to Love, and you found us! We have been bombarded by writers and artists who want to be part of Red Stylo’s next, classic collection.  There have been some truly amazing, inspired, crazy, cool ideas thrown our way over the past month, and we couldn’t be more excited.  This one is already shaping up to be a truly Killer book!

For those who have sent in pitches and queries:  You all should have received a response by now.  If you submitted something but haven’t heard back from  us, please get in touch with us here.  We try not to let anyone slip through the cracks, but it can happen.  We Are The Champions…but we’re not perfect!

For those who haven’t submitted yet:  It’s Late…but not TOO late.  Just ONE MORE WEEK to go before the open call for our Killer Queen Anthology closes.  Get those pitches in by February 15 to be considered.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as we countdown the open-call and share all the updates as our KILLER QUEEN COMIC ANTHOLOGY moves forward!

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