It’s “Fall in Love with a #1–or else!” February.

All thru this month, RSM will be posting Issue #1 of our ongoing series, and even a story or two from past anthologies, online for free!


Corporate espionage meets science fiction (spy-fi!) in Torchbearer, a new series that follows Cayoti, the leader of a resistance movement, and Selene Elis, a mole within Prometheus Inc., a corrupt organization bent on taking over the heart of the galaxy.

This first issue is explosive (literally!), but it’s just the tip of the iceberg for Torchbearer’s spy-fi story.  See how the rest unfolds with individual issues (#1-6) or pick up the trade paperback Red Stylo’s online store.

Torchbearer is written by Nick Dedual, with art by Dennis Calero. Published by Odd truth Inc., in association with Red Stylo Press.

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