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Love is in the air at Red Stylo Media! For the month of February, we are inviting you to “Fall in Love with a First Issue” from one of our amazing titles.

In the coming weeks, we will be spotlighting the opening chapters from Drago Bentley: Space Detective, Torchbearer, City of Walls, and even some of the lovely titles from our anthologies. These issues are available to read online absolutely free! Just click a cover to learn more.

frank cover
Cask of Amontillado
Trade, collecting 1-3
Drago Bentley: Space Detective
Basic CMYK
SHSH cover small

Comics are like a box of chocolates:  you just can’t stop at one!  After reading the free issues, continuing the stories is just a click away in Red Stylo’s Online Store.

All of these issues will be available thru the month of February!  Just think of it as a special Valentine’s gift from Red Stylo.  Be ours–or else! This is Snidley you’re dealing with…


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