***UPDATE: Names have been added to our roster! Check out the additions in italics. And read the full bio for each of our creators here.***

KillerQueenstrokes and stuffThis is the official announcement for the slate of artists and writers participating in this year’s KILLER QUEEN Comic Anthology! KILLER QUEEN is a collection of comic art and stories inspired by the discography of one of the greatest bands in the pantheon of Rock-n-royalty, QUEEN!

This year, the artists and writers were challenged to turn their stereos up and take inspiration from Queen’s prodigious, diverse catalog of music. All the art and stories are original works inspired by a theme or premise in a Queen song, sometimes by the band itself. This year’s Royal Court of Killer contributors include:

    Paris Alleyne
    Joe Botsch*
    Cynthia Bottomley
    Theresa Bramblett
    Bobby Breed
    Mario Candelaria
    Dino Caruso
    James Clark
    Bridgit Connell
    Alex Cormack*
    Samantha Cross
    Dave Foland
    Jason Folkes*
    Claudio Ghirardo
    Robert Grove
    Laura Guzzo*
    Josh Hechinger*
    Jon James
    Nikola Jovanovic
    Ashley Leckwold
    Amara Leipzig
    David Ryan Lompe
    James McGee*
    Brockton McKinney
    Trevor Mueller
    Mark Mullaney*
    Chris Murrin
    Juan Navarro
    Sarah O’Donnell
    Glen Ostrander
    Eric Palicki
    R. Robert Pollak*
    Dean Stahl
    Brad Sun
    Noel Tuazon*
    Monica Valentinelli*
    Kenneth Whitfield*
    Kelly Williams
    Cloidhna Ztoical

Editor: Enrica Jang*

This will be Red Stylo’s fourth annual graphic anthology, joining Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology, Shakespeare Shaken and The Poe Twisted Anthology in the series. And, just as in previous years, KILLER QUEEN will be a full-color trade paperback with an expanded collection of digital offerings online!

Much luck and HUGE THANK YOU to everyone listed for contributing their talents and time to this project! More about each of these wonderful individuals as we move forward into production this year. Our Killer Queen Comic Anthology is slated for digital and print release in August 2014. And check back soon for more names on this list!

* Returning contributors from previous RSM anthologies.

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