What a difference a Google search makes! We don’t always get notice when titles we carry are reviewed (note to reviewers: send us links! Please!!) Lost Reviews are reviews we discover months after they’re posted, and only by luck/chance/idle keyword searches on the internets.

November 2013, and the fog was as thick as pea soup! Life tends to do that after New York Comic Con–everyone is exhausted and nose-deep in the wonderful stack of new books they picked up at the show. Even on the subway.

Comics reviewer, Patrick Hess, shared his story about sharing comics with a fellow subway rider, a young future-comics-enthusiast who couldn’t keep his eyes off CITY OF WALLS. Read through to the end for this great little story and review.


Curious to read the book this reviewer just raved about? Click here!


CITY OF WALLS is a comic series by Shaun Noel and A.K. Lovelace. In Kowloon City, the word of the Triads is law. Life is not easy for anyone there, especially Daniel, Jin and Ariana. But though these three best friends are from different backgrounds, soon they must come together in a common purpose: escape!

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