What a difference a Google search makes! We don’t always get notice when titles we carry are reviewed (note to reviewers: send us links! Please!!) Lost Reviews are reviews we discover months after they’re posted, and only by luck/chance/idle keyword searches on the internets.

Chris at Geek Calendar wrote up a quick review for TORCHBEARER last summer–but no reason not to share it with everyone now. Read what he had to say about this science-fiction meets corporate espionage thriller from Nick Dedual and Odd Truth!


P.S. You can ALSO download TORCHBEARER issues in Red Stylo’s Store and at DriveThruComics.com. The more you know…


What would you do if one power-hungry corporations started by planets, solar systems, even threatened to take over the heart of the galaxy? Join the resistance and take it down from the inside! buying Torchbearer is written by Nick Dedual, with art by Dennis Calero and Michael Montenat. Published by Odd Truth Inc., in association with Red Stylo Press. The first trade paperback collectin issues #1 thru 3 is available now! Get it here.

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