This doesn’t really count as one of our Lost Reviews because it’s only been a week, however I was traveling and didn’t have a chance to post it on the site before Special Edition: NYC.

Our newest title, ANGEL WITH A BULLET, got a very cool mention on Comic News Insider last week. Guest host and M# creator Erica Schultz (alongside host Jimmy Aquino) named us one of her Top 3 in the run up to the show—which is super cool (and a little inside baseball, as Erica lettered one of the stories. Ha! We’ll take it!)

Check out Comic News Insider #543 because it’s a fabulous listen, and perk up at the 20:50 mark to hear the Top 3! And if you couldn’t make it to New York for the show, you can download it in the store now!
comic news insider

BONUS: we made it into the Top 3 with a previous Red Stylo contributor, Jeremy Whitley, and his amazing title Princeless!

yolo sketch ad

Excited to share more of this collection as time goes on this year, including “YOLO” with artist Kelly Williams! ANGEL WITH A BULLET is a collection of four original comic shorts, written by Enrica Jang, and inspired by American performer/songwriter Tom Waits. Read more about additional titles in the collection, available for download and in print.

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