Starting to really love the number THREE! Why? ANGEL WITH A BULLET made it to Comic News Insider podcast’s Top 3 for the second week, picked by host Jimmy Aquino! Also huge news: we scored an interview with Jimmy hisself and CNI at Special Edition: NYC this past weekend! Love this podcast team, and loved that show!

Check out Comic News Insider #544 for comics interviews and a full Game of Thrones finale discussion. Perk up at the 43:13 mark to hear Jimmy’s interview with moi, Enrica Jang, where we discuss all things RSM, and then later in the podcast a quick hit on Jimmy’s Top 3! Couldn’t make it to New York for the show? You can download it in our store or on now!
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BONUS: previous Red Stylo contributor and comics wunderkind, Erica Schultz, also gets some love for her series, M3, in this packed hour-plus show!

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Excited to share more of this collection as time goes on this year, including “YOLO” with artist Kelly Williams! ANGEL WITH A BULLET is a collection of four original comic shorts, written by Enrica Jang, and inspired by American performer/songwriter Tom Waits. Read more about additional titles in the collection, available for download and in print.

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