***UPDATE! STORIES ARE LIVE and available for download in Red Stylo’s online store!***
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This is the schedule for the digital rollout of all the stories and featured art in Killer Queen, A Comic Anthology, a collection of original comic art, inspired by the discography of the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, QUEEN! KILLER QUEEN is a stone cold crazy collection of stories and art, each inspired by a song from Queen’s prodigious body of music and history. We’re not adapting or retelling the music, but letting the music inspire and take us someplace completely cool and new.

Every two weeks, starting August 27th thru Halloween, new stories from this expanded collection of digital comics will be available for download in the Red Stylo Media store, as well as all other places RSM digital titles are sold. Only $1.99, each story will include digital extras such as art, scripts, and notes from the artists, as well as a collection of vignettes and art from other creators around the world! NOTE: for those of you die-hards who prefer your comics in print, the collected print version of KILLER QUEEN is set to debut October 8!

Without further ado, here is our digital Set List:

Wed, August 28

“Don’t Stop Me Now”, story and art by Brad Sun
“Princes of the Universe”, story by Jon James, with art by Kelly Williams; letters by Mark Mullaney
“Best Friends”, story by Kenneth Whitfield, with art by David Ryan Lompe; letters by Erica Schultz
***BONUS*** “I Want Out” and “Seeing One In Many Ways” art by CGhirardo, featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Sept 10

“Checkmate”, story by Samantha Cross and art by Bobby Breed
“Mercurana”, story and art by Sarah O’Donnell
“Invisible Man”, story by James Clark, art by Alex Cormack
***BONUS*** “Lazy Sunday”, a mini-series by Josh Hechinger, art by Cliodhna Ztoical, pages featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Sept 24

“Letters in the Sand”, story by Dino Caruso, art by Matt Walters
“Som Bot-D to Love”, story Bobby Breed, art by Noel Tuazon
“Captain Thunder and The Champions”, story by Trevor Mueller, art by Paris Alleyne
***BONUS*** “Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle”, art by Laura Guzzo; “Fashions Fit for a Killer Queen”, paper doll art by R. Robert Pollak; art featured as part of extras in the digital downloads

Wed, Oct 8

“Fahrenheit Falling”, story by Brockton Mckinney, with art by Bridget Connell
“I Love My Car”, story by Dave Foland, with art by Robert Grove
“Forever”, story by Nikola Jovanovic, with art by AI Miller
“It’s Late”, story and art by Joe Botsch
***BONUS*** “S.S. Mercury”, “80s Antoinette”, “New Transister” by Theresa Bramblett ; art featured as part of the file extras in digital downloads

Wed, Oct 22

“Be My Clementine”, story by Ashley Leckwold, art by Jarrod Perez
“Hangman”, story by Chris Murrin, art by Dean Stahl, color by Mira Mortal
“Crazy Lovey Dog”, story by Mario Candelaria, with art by Mark Mullaney
“Freddie”, story and art by Juan Navarro
***BONUS***“Killer Queens”, art by Jason Strutz; “Dead Queen” and “Freddie Flag”, art by Jason Folkes; featured as part of file extras in the digital downloads

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