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Welcome to Comic Con! Step right up and meet your favorite super-powered celebrities, Captain Thunder & the Champions of the World! Just don’t be disappointed if these on-screen sensations are less than stellar in real life. See if you can you spot the real heroes in the crowd!

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No one has to stand in line to meet a real hero, at least not in “We Are the Champions”, a comic short by Trevor Mueller; art by Paris Alleyne! Inspired by the Queen song of the same name”, this is the ninth story in KILLER QUEEN, A COMIC ANTHOLOGY. This comic will be included in our print collection, due for release October 8th. The digital version is available to download right now in our online store and also features BONUS ART from Laura Guzzo and R. Robert Pollak!


Trevor Mueller works at an advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. His latest project is Albert The Alien, appearing on Mark Waid’s THRILLBENT site. He has also self-published several other works including the all-ages stories Junkyard Chase. He has contributed stories to several anthologies, including Hope: The Hero Initiative from Ronin Studios, and Reading With Pictures, from the non-profit of the same name.

He is also the writer / artist / creator of several award-winning webcomic series (trevoramueller.com), and regularly reviews movies, video games, and comics.

Trevor gives lectures and presentations throughout the country at conventions and schools on several topics, including the power of combining creativity and literacy.

Trevor currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Beth, and his cat, Waffles.

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Paris Alleyne is a comic book illustrator and colourist from Toronto, Canada. He co-founded and currently leads an artist collective called From a Hat Studio. With a few independent titles he predominantly works on self-published works with new books coming out in 2014 and 2015, and is the art director/head artist working on a new book called Merge by Eric Cooper.

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A tribute to the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, KILLER QUEEN features twenty-seven works from over forty artists and writers, challenged to rock out to their favorite Queen track and use it as inspiration for an original short comic or vignette. Edited by Enrica Jang. Download this story now, or pre-order the print edition in our online store. You can also subscribe to Red Stylo and receive all the stories and special features on Patreon!

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