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“Do you want to know what it’s like? Being dead?” The Oasis Server promises a transhuman existence, where electron-genes are uploaded and then broadcast out into space. This is freedom for the living, spared a fading existence on Earth, and possible return from death for those already taken by a deadly retrovirus. All a widower needs is time to upload and sequence his dead wife’s DNA before the virus takes him too.

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Love is “Forever”, a story by Nikola Jovanovic; art by A.I. Miller! Inspired by the Queen song “Who Wants To Live Forever”, this is the eleventh story in KILLER QUEEN, A COMIC ANTHOLOGY. This comic is included in our printed collection trade paperback. The digital version is also available to download right now in our online store and features more Queen-inspired BONUS ART from artist Theresa Bramblett!

Nikola Jovanovic

Nikola Jovanovic is a freelance writer from Sabac, Serbia. He is also a teacher and a teacher of English by vocation. Among his published works are a book of poetry, Love and Something, and a novel – political thriller called The Protest. He has also published a few of his short stories, SF Novel Ojeisus and a Graphic SF Novel of the same name on his blog called ’My poetry and writings’. He also likes to draw, and you can see his drawings on his Deviantart profile.

A.I.Miller, born in 1987 in Fort Worth, Texas, is a figurative painter, digital artist, writer and comic artist. His passion is for exploring the vast poetic possibilities of narrative sequential art, which he studied while earning his MFA at MICA. The subject of his work ranges from non-fiction and autobiography to philosophical cyberpunk fables. He is currently living in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife and a very fluffy Bichon. There, he has an active studio practice, and is working on several projects including the science fiction serial, Bicephalous Cyborg. Read more about his work at

KillerQueenstrokes and stuff

A tribute to the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, KILLER QUEEN features twenty-seven works from over forty artists and writers, challenged to rock out to their favorite Queen track and use it as inspiration for an original short comic or vignette. Edited by Enrica Jang. Download this story now, or pre-order the print edition in our online store. You can also subscribe to Red Stylo and receive all the stories and special features on Patreon!

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