Woohoo! Flavorwire writer Pilot Viruet was quickdraw to post comments about panels and other NYCC events, including Red Stylo’s very first panel, “Marry, Do, or Kill? What will it take to shatter female stereotypes in comics?” with Enrica Jang, Jennie Wood, Erica Schultz, Dennis Calero, Andy Schmidt, Claire Connelley, Shaun Noel, A.K. Lovelace and Ellie Pyle.

The post is a rundown of many facets of the improved ways New York Comic Con has emphasized anti-harassment policies and promoted diversity in programming.

Of our “Marry, Do, Kill” panel, Viruet writes: “The panelists were upfront in admitting that there is no right answer, no specific ideal for a Strong Female Character. There is always a counterpoint ā€” ‘If I had superpowers, Iā€™d wear high heels all the time’ ā€” but everyone was there for the same reason: to break down stereotypes, which Jang pointed out are ‘lazy storytelling.'”

Read the post here:
Direct link: http://flavorwire.com/482203/anti-harassment-policies-and-diversity-panels-how-ny-comic-con-worked-to-make-geek-culture-more-inclusive

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