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What’s more romantic than summer love on the Boardwalk? Brian is just a tough, sweet kid working a new job at the seashore when he falls in love with the main attraction. But there’s more to this story than “boy meets girl” in this sweet tale with a tail!

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Love makes a splash in “Be My Clementine”, story by Ashley Leckwold; art by Jarrod Perez with color by Sara King, letters by Joe Botsch! Inspired “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy”, this is the thirteenth story in KILLER QUEEN, A COMIC ANTHOLOGY. This comic is included in our printed collection trade paperback. The digital version is also available to download right now in our online store and features more Queen-inspired BONUS ART from artist Jason Strutz and a note from the writer!

ashley leckwold

Ashley Leckwold is a writer based out of Atlanta with a penchant for all things nerdy and has done a whole other host of weirdness from podcasting with Steampunk Boba Fett and DJ Doctor Q to performing in drag to editing an online steampunk newspaper to getting her own IMDb credit for working on a web series with her friends. Most of her current work is non-fictional between her work at Nerdophiles.com and her freelance PR work (she has to put that journalism/public relations degree to work somehow), but Be My Clementine is her first comic book and the next step in eventual world domination. She’s slowly working on her first book, but for now, you can find her at her blog (lieselhindmann.wordpress.com).

Jarrod L. Perez (or TOONZi, as he signs his work) is the founder/owner of Milqtoast Comics, a company branded with high quality comics created by himself with stimulating and playful illustrations and stories, touching anywhere from stoner adventures in strange lands to random humorous social commentaries by engaging colorful characters. Picking up a comic by Jarrod is the formula for intellectual and thought provoking comedy at its best. He also plays bass and sings in his own band, as well as an occasional bass player for Dirk Strangely and his Hatchetmen.

KillerQueenstrokes and stuff

A tribute to the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, KILLER QUEEN features twenty-seven works from over forty artists and writers, challenged to rock out to their favorite Queen track and use it as inspiration for an original short comic or vignette. Edited by Enrica Jang. Download this story now, or pre-order the print edition in our online store. You can also subscribe to Red Stylo and receive all the stories and special features on Patreon!

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