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The long arm of the law is sometimes as slender as a rope around the neck! But though it falls to the judge to mete out punishment to those who break the law, who dispenses justice when the judge is corrupt? God?

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Meet Karna in “Hangman”, story by Chris Murrin; art by Dean Stahl with color by Mira Mortal! Inspired by Queen’s unreleased song “Hangman”, this is the fourteenth story in KILLER QUEEN, A COMIC ANTHOLOGY. This comic is included in our printed collection trade paperback. The digital version is also available to download right now in our online store and features more Queen-inspired BONUS ART from artist Jason Folkes!


Chris Murrin is an editor for FX Networks in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past decade, comic stories written by Chris have appeared in several anthologies. He also edits comics, working on titles from Archblue Comics, LawDog Comics, and Atomic Tiki Studio, including upcoming volumes of Athena Voltaire. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChrisMurrin.

Dean stahl

Dean is a life-long comics fan from the suburbs of Detroit, MI and is now a Lansing, MI resident, reaching his life’s goal to pencil comics. He has worked for Insomnia Publications in the UK, Angry Gnome Comics and has major contributions to the CGS Anthologies. Dean is a proud gamer and pro-wrestling fanatic.

His biggest influences are John Byrne, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, and Dale Keown. Always trying to tell fun and interesting stories, Dean works to perfect his use of interesting camera angles, unique characterizations and expressions. Dean does his own webcomic at HeadlocksandHeadaches.com and posts much of his other artwork at DeanStahlArt.deviantart.com and on Facebook: facebook.com/DeanStahlArt

KillerQueenstrokes and stuff

A tribute to the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, KILLER QUEEN features twenty-seven works from over forty artists and writers, challenged to rock out to their favorite Queen track and use it as inspiration for an original short comic or vignette. Edited by Enrica Jang. Download this story now, or pre-order the print edition in our online store. You can also subscribe to Red Stylo and receive all the stories and special features on Patreon!

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