Veteran RSM contributor (and good friend!) artist R. Robert Pollak just signed on with Red Stylo Press to release his new book, ELLEN’S ADVENTURES AT THE SHADOWLAND, a collection of selected strips from his seasonal weekly!

Ellen's Adventures at the Shadowland Book 1: The Phantom of Sam's Point

Ellen’s Adventures at the Shadowland
Book 1: The Phantom of Sam’s Point

Originally published in The Shawangunk Journal Newspaper, the first volume of selected strips from Ellen’s Adventures at The Shadowland, Book 1: The Phantom of Sam’s Point will be available digitally and in print February 1.

Robert is both the artist and creator of Ellen’s Adventures at the Shadowland, drawing the series in a style reminiscent of the classic newspaper comic strips of yesteryear. All of the storylines and settings are inspired by the rich history and picturesque locations in New York’s Hudson Valley area.The main character, Ellen Allen, is an actress at the local Shadowland Theater in Ellenville, New York.

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Ellen’s charm is always finding herself in precarious situations with a group of over-the-top characters, from aliens, gnomes and ghosts, to old movie stars.

R. Robert Pollak

R. Robert Pollak was born in the Bronx and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and upstate New York before moving to Brooklyn Heights, where he’s lived since his late teens. He is inspired by the classic newspaper comic strips he loved as a child, as well as teaching art to young people.

In addition to Red Stylo titles, Robert’s work has appeared in an assortment of publications including The Soho Weekly News, and for Saks Fifth Avenue, The Ellenville Public Library/museum, and historic Green-wood Cemetery. Additionally, his work has been featured in various New York City galleries, from the East Village and Soho, to Harlem and Brooklyn.

We’re thrilled to add Ellen’s Adventures at The Shadowland to our crazy catalog of outstanding books, and can’t wait to show you the new book! Download or buy the trade paperback in our online store, Amazon, or visit!

Don’t want to wait until Feb 1? Check out Robert’s story, “Come Together”, for Unfashioned Creatures, as well as some of his art from Shakespeare Shaken!

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